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Gentlemen & Scholars Aims To Provide Aspiring Gentlemen With Dating, Style & Practical Life Advice Coaching. G&S Was Created To Supply Men With The Resources To Build A Life Completely Of Their Own Design, The Life That They Have Previously Only Dreamed Of. Gentlemen & Scholars Offers Video Content To Assist Those Looking To Improve Their Lives & Craft The Avatar Of An Ambitious Yet Well Mannered Gentlemen, While Cultivating The Likeness Of An Astute & Strategic Scholar. Gentlemen & Scholars Offers Resources, Consultations, Tips, Advice & Varying Perspectives From The Leading Gentlemen To The Most Desired Women. Subscribe To Our Newsletter For Access To The G&S Free Gentlemen’s Handbook & To Stay Up To Date On The Latest Tips, Offerings & Content!

Prinse | Host

Personal development coaching & life coach

Hello Gentlemen & Scholars I am Prinse, my goal is to provide a perspective with you on relationships, self-improvement & practical life advice. Over the years I have immersed myself in literature, integrated the principles & strategies I’ve learned, and have talked to many women that I previously would have been terrified to approach. I have transformed my body, my mind, & have had the personal relationships I previously would have only dreamed of. The lessons I have learned have been transformative in my life & I hope it will do the same for you too!

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